anxiety versus physics

He has not called or texted me for two days now. Yep. And rather than be sucked into a miserable blackhole, I decided that tonight, at least, I will try to find out how quantum mechanics can offer me solace a logical explanation for what might be going on.

First, there's this guy Hugh Everett III whose death was probably caused by obesity, smoking, and alcoholism. He claims that for each possible outcome to an action, the world splits into copies of itself.

You see, it's like a choose-your-own-adventure book--only you don't choose between either jumping into the rabbit-hole or going back to reading your book by the river, because the universe splits in two so that both actions are taken.

hillary, heckled in manila

A lot has been said about how a student leader disrupted Hillary Clinton's forum at the National Museum on Wednesday. Most reactions were angry, largely condescending, and obsessed on the claim that "there are other, more civilized ways to express one's self."

Why did he have to be so rude, when it was an open forum, and anyone can ask questions? Surely, Hillary, so smart and so contained, could address his strong feelings against the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT)?

arrivals and departures

I've been thinking about new places I've been to and found out I’ve never been to a whole lot. Sure, I spent summer breaks in the province when I was a kid just like everybody else, run away from home twice, ended up living in shabby hotels for a week, and even went to a couple of these touristy places that I could hardly afford.

Nothing extraordinary, though. No Facebook status updates like "Bali was great. This ancient guy told my fortune and said my business empire will fall in a few years.” Or “Boracay was awesome until I discovered a diaper floating in the water.”